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December 29, 2008


I’ve been checking his “top 25 hip hop albums of 2008” post.  This guy has listed some solid hip hop albums of 2008 and has posted links to download each one via mediafire.  I didn’t want to steal his thunder…so I give credit where credit is due.

Check it out:  http://kicksrhymesandlife.blogspot.com/2008/12/top-25-hip-hop-albums-of-2008-in-my.html


Consequence, Mick Boogie, Common, Scarface

December 18, 2008

Most of the stuff on this post is sorta old, but I thought I might share some some stuff I found interesting.

I know this Consequence album is about 2 years old, but I dig it.  Also I know it’s Kanye’s leftover beats, but I think these beats sound better than 808s & Heartbreak.

Consequence – Don’t Quit Your Day Job


If you liked Viva la Hova, then you should check out Mick Boogie’s latest project:  mashing up Adele with old school 80’s hip hop.  The result is quite refreshing as there is clever use of Run DMC beat and such.  Adele is (I think) a soul/jazz/neo-soul/pop/adult contemporary rising star from good ‘ol England.  Basically Mick Boogie “synergized” her soul with some funky Golden Age hip hop.  Although I don’t like this as much as Viva, it’s still worth a spin or two.  If you don’t know Adele, I’ve also posted her junk so that you can compare/analyze what Mick Boogie did.  The title of Adele’s album was 19 and since Mick added that 80’s flair, he called this mashup 1988.

Mick Boogie (Adele) – 1988


Adele – 19


Next up is a great jazzy/soul remix of some of Common’s best songs.  This remix was created by Beatnick and K-Salaam and I think these guys are really talented.  They added some great instrumentation to these remixes and I would contest that some of the tracks sound better than the original cuts.  Check this out if you want a new spin on Common.

Common, Beatnick, and K-Salaam – S.T.O.R.Y (Stories Told Over Remixed Years)


Last up is a new album from a true OG.  Scarface has been doin his thang since the early 90s and he is STILL overlooked as one of the true great MCs who NEVER sacrificed his style, swagger, and attitude to be more marketable.  What’s sad is that after more than like 10 albums Scarface has stated he is retiring from the game.  His last album is called Emeritus and it is aptly titled as he will retire on top.  He is a gangsta tried and true and his flow can be described as mix of the best elements of west coast gangsta with the best of southern grit.  I like this album because Scarface reflects over his past.  Although maybe it’s not the best going-out-with-a-bang album, it’s a solid last effort from a great MC.

Scarface – Emeritus


Hope you guys try some of this music out.

Auto tune…

December 16, 2008

HAHAHAHAHA.  I was laughing so hard at this:

I love it…this makes fun of T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and anybody who uses ABUSES this nifty vocal plugin.  I “love” how this has really made the career for T-Pain and when Lil Wayne uses it, I can’t understand a word he says.

I can’t wait until this trend dies out.  Another trend in rap that has been played out, hyped up, and squeezed out for all the money it can make.

This guy is genious for exposing how easy it can be (ahem, Kanye) to mask your voice with a synthy effect.

Love it.

some new stuff I’m diggin

December 10, 2008

These are some cats that I think are breakin some ground in hip hop.

Grip Grand:  Brokelore


Torae:  Daily Conversation


Elzhi:  The Preface


Jake One:  White Van Music


These are just a small sample of great hip hop released this year.  Check out any of these albums for some fresh new hip hop.


December 5, 2008

Hi-Tek has always been one of my favorite producers.  His skills are sick.  He has collaborated with Black Star (Talib and Mos), Snoop, 50 Cent, Nas, Busta, The Game, and of course my favorite, Talib Kweli.

His style is unique and his instrumentality is complex.  He lays and mixes an intricate design of drums, horns, and usually piano.

I’d like to post 4 of his albums (3 of his own and Kweli’s that he produced).  Talib’s album below is one of my favorite hip hop albums.

Give Hi-Tek a spin.

Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology


Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology, Vol. 2:  The Chip


Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology 3


Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek:  Reflection Eternal/Train of Thought


Viva La Hova

December 4, 2008

So I’m sure you may have heard this before since it’s been out for 2 months, but I’m really enjoying the mashup of Coldplay and Jay-Z.  Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are redic mash / mixtape fiends, and this is some quality work.  It ain’t just mixing a Jay-Z verse over looped samples; rather it is a great understanding of both genres.  Some the tracks are just sick…on The Reverse Fix, Mick Boogie clearly uses an old school 808 / Beastie Boys beat that you wouldn’t think would work with Coldplay’s Fix You.

What I admire most about this mashup is that Terry Urban and Mick Boogie actually got the blessings from both Jay and Coldplay.  PLUS if you visit Mick Boogie’s blog for Viva, he WANTS you to download for no charge:  http://www.vivalahova.com/.  I think one of his tracks actually got on the deluxe or whateva new version of Coldplay’s latest album on iTunes.

So if you haven’t downloaded this yet, please give it a shot.  The album sorta flows like a mixtape (lots of blends into each track), but if you want to hear something different, check it out:


My favorite RZA interview

December 3, 2008

This is why RZA is one of my favorite producers ever.  So articulate in what he “enbeezhuns” in a song.

Freaking sick. Just wanted to share this for y’all.

Ohh by the way, if you haven’t downloaded or purchased Wu Tang’s 8 Diagrams by now, you must hear the track RZA hyped up in this youtube clip.


The Heart Gently Weeps…don’t know why he didn’t keep it the same name as the Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps…I guess you can’t top a classic.