Hi-Tek has always been one of my favorite producers.  His skills are sick.  He has collaborated with Black Star (Talib and Mos), Snoop, 50 Cent, Nas, Busta, The Game, and of course my favorite, Talib Kweli.

His style is unique and his instrumentality is complex.  He lays and mixes an intricate design of drums, horns, and usually piano.

I’d like to post 4 of his albums (3 of his own and Kweli’s that he produced).  Talib’s album below is one of my favorite hip hop albums.

Give Hi-Tek a spin.

Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology


Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology, Vol. 2:  The Chip


Hi-Tek:  Hi-Teknology 3


Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek:  Reflection Eternal/Train of Thought


2 Responses to Hi-Tek

  1. fredL says:

    yo dog, great links, i love this, this is better than jordan’s music blog. hahaha…which hi tek you think is the best. also there’s a guy at my church who works at sony, he deals with the business sides of things after the artist gets signed. pretty cool.

  2. beezhun says:

    haha all of them!

    my favorite has to be the first hi-teknology.

    and you know how i feel about the kweli album.

    who’s your buddy? we are about to do a study for sony music!

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