January 6, 2009

One of my co-workers stumbled across this website:


I was intrigued and decided to check it out.  So someone dared to mashup Radiohead with Jay-Z!  I don’t know what to think of it, but ehh it’s worth giving a spin if you like Radiohead.

Jaydiohead – Jay-Z x Radiohead

Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4njfmnwz2yn

I have always respected Radiohead.  I think their music pushes the envelope of rock / electronic / alternative music.  What I found really intriguing is the way they released In Rainbows.  What other mega artist / band could release a digital album via download through their own website and let listeners determine whatever price they wanted?

I think this model should be adopted by struggling record labels who need to update their selling and releasing methodology.  Digital downloads via iTunes and the like are not profitable as it may seem b/c of Apple’s such heavy fees.  It is true that maybe only an internationally recognized band like Radiohead could pull this off because of a loyal, diverse, and widespread fanbase.  But wouldn’t it be interesting for artists to embrace this digital age instead of attempting to revitalize antique business models that only produce lack-luster record sales?  I heard Radiohead earned more profit from In Rainbows than any of their previous EMI releases.  Now that’s something to consider.

To take this into hip hop, wouldn’t it be amazing if say Jay-Z or NaS released a digital album on their own and ask people to pay whatever they wanted?

I guess this would never work due to how record labels give advances to each artist BEFORE they release an album.  I heard that record labels will give you say a 1 million dollar advance as they expect you to sell at least that much via record sales or concerts or promotions.  If you struggle, then they probably either take some of the advance back or they take all the rights of your songs so you don’t make a dime off airplay, album sales, etc.  They own you!  I heard this is the same in the modeling biz.

But ehh…

What I also really dig about Radiohead was their Reckoner Remix project:  http://radioheadremix.com/

They stripped down each part of their song Reckoner and allowed people to download each section to make their own remixes.  Then they post submitted remixes so that everyone can listen.  Now isn’t that novel?  They probably made a pretty penny doing this as I think each part costs 99 cents, but still, I think it’s really cool that they are open to hear what other people can do with their sounds.

Anywhos, although Jaydiohead is not as creative as I would like, it’s interesting to check out.


Another Mick Boogie / Terry Urban joint

January 5, 2009

Man, Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are killin’ it.  Viva la Hova, then 1988, now a mixtape that offers a fresh new take on some of the pop rap of 2008.

This 2008 wrap up mix tape is just…well freakin sick.  It’s a clever combo of mashups and remixes that blend between tracks so well that it’s really worth listening from start to finish.  Amazing stuff.  Normally I don’t like mix tapes b/c it’s a lot of self promotion and this is no exception as there are plenty of “The Commissioner!” and that annoying girl saying “Terrrrrrrrrry Urrrrrrrban”, but this mixtape is so nice that I don’t mind it.

I want to make sure to give him credit, so I’ll post the url of one of his blogs.

Look at this track list:

Intro (6th Sense)
So Fly (Slim f Biggie – Mick Boogie Mix)
Announcement (Common f Biggie – Mick Boogie Mix)
I Luv Your Girl (Dream f Jay-Z MB/TU Mix)
Paper Planes (MIA – Terry Urban Mix)
Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z – Mick Boogie Transition)
Jockin My Wonderwalls (Jay-Z & Oasis – N Doe Mix)
Diamond Girl (Ryan Leslie f Kanye West – Mick Boogie Mix)
Paris Tokyo (Lupe Fiasco f CL Smooth – Mick Boogie Mix)
Girls Around (Lloyd f Rakim – MB/TU Mix)
Drivin Down The Block (Kidz In The Hall f/ El-P)
Gettin Up (Q-Tip)
Milli (Lil Wayne – Wonder/Excel Mix)
Love Lockdown (Kanye West f LMFAO)
Falsetto (Dream – Terry Urban Mix)
Day N Night (Kid Cudi f Jay-Z – Terry Urban Mix)
Lollirock (Lil Wayne & Kanye West – Kickdrums Remix)
Dangerous (Kardinal f Akon)
The Boss (Rick Ross f Lil Wayne – Mick Boogie Mix)
Out Here Grindin (Khaled)
My President (Young Jeezy f Nas)
Black President (Nas f Young Jeezy)
American Boy (Estelle f Jay-Z and NERD – Terry Urban Mix)
Everyone Knows (NERD – Sammy Bananas Remix)
Dont Touch Me Remix (Busta Rhymes f Nas)
Magic (Robin Thicke f Jay-Z – Mick Boogie Mix)
The Light 08 (Common)
How We Rock (Termanology f Bun B)
Rising Down (The Roots f Mos Def & Styles)
Viagra (88 Keys and Kanye West)
Midnight 08 (Q-Tip)
Go All Out (9th Wonder and Buckshot)

Download here:  http://www.thepressplayshow.com/2008/12/2008-recap-mix.html