Kanye West Remix…

So I’ve been rummaging around blogs, forums, etc to see what’s going on in hip hop…and there’s not much.  A bunch of remixes, mix tapes, and “dj presents”, but nothing substantial.  I don’t think anything big is coming out yet until maybe Jay-Z drops Blueprint vol.3 which has no slated release date.  I think Eminem is in the works for something, but ehh…I think it’s been a rough start to 2009 for hip hop.

To give you something though, I’ve stumbled across an interesting remix album of Kanye West songs.  Most of it’s sorta techno-ish, but I like the creativity portrayed.  I even like the rendition of Love Lockdown which was sorta remixed as a dance song, but the layering is good.

Kanye West – Sky High (A We Got The Remix Special Edition)

Download:  http://rs485.rapidshare.com/files/167084649/Kanye_West-Sky_High__We_Got_The_Remix_Special_Edition_.rar

Let me know what you think!

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