new bust

Finally got my hands on Busta’s new album.

Busta Rhymes – Back On My B.S.

I know it’s been out for a while and a bunch of these songs have been playing on the radio since like last year, but ehh.

Despite what a lot of the critics say about this album (metacritic: ), I think Busta has successfully accepted and adapated to hip hop’s ever changing style.  A lot of folks rip on Busta for the beats he rhymes over, but honestly, you should listen more for Busta’s fast, rib-stickin’ delivery as it continues to shine in a fresh new way. And lately he’s been ripped for using a slower, softer style, but this album shows his Jamaican roots and his brilliant interplay of fast rhymes.  And “true old school” hip hop heads criticize Bust for not delivering another Woo-Hah!! or the efforts of an emerging Timbaland, but this album displayes Bust’s versatility and his ability to reapply his style to a different generation.

Even when you hear even Arab Money, it should just make you laugh just like his old tracks.  I used to love watching all of Busta’s music videos from the mid to late 90s because they were freakin hiliarious.

Y’all remember Dangerous?  Busta is white?  Fish lens effect?  Busta as Sho Nuff?  Awesome.  I could watch this video over and over.

Busta always got in trouble when he tried to be hard core, so I contest that Busta only truly excels when he portrays his playful, in-your-face, raw, big-mouth persona.  The best way to listen to Busta is not to over-analyze, but just…well…laugh.

But then again, if you don’t find Busta funny, then you might not care.

Anyways…here’s what I mean.

His face…hahaha

One Response to new bust

  1. enoch says:

    ahahaha!! i loved dangerous!! my favorite parts were the running scenes. he’s so crazy!

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