a beezhun for hip hop

Hip hop is a way of thought.

It is the ultimate expression and interpretation of a free flowing rhythm that beats throughout street corners.  It is that “beat” that inspired djs to mix and scratch.  It is that “beat” that inspired voices to dictate a creative and poetic flow of insightful wordplay.  It is that “beat” that drew crowds to dance and break.

Hip hop is a culture.

This “beat” will continue to drive on only if we acknowledge who we are.  It is that hook, melody, and rhyme that invoke emotions of every kind.  It is that sound that connects us with circumstances and situations of the best and worst kind.  Hip hop takes in and dishes out reflections of life.

Hip hop is NOT dead.

Even if we are seeing the distortion of hip hop’s truest self, I will continue to say that hip hop is NOT dead.  Rap artists may talk about money, cash, hoes, drugs, guns, gangsters.  They may justify that this is the life they came from or that this is what the industry wants to portray.  This is a battle between RAP and HIP HOP.  It is up to us to filter out what is contrived (rap) vs. what comes forth from an artist’s true thoughts and emotions (hip hop).  Rap can be viewed as a glorified formula of marketing and materialism.  Hip hop, therefore, must be viewed in a deeper sense:  an artform that reflects artistry, culture, and thought.

A vision (“beezhun”) for hip hop.

Ever since I got my first boombox in 1988, I was a young witness of an emerging artform that expressed economic hardships, racial discriminations, and struggles of life.  I want to see how we can go back to this original model of hip hop.  I want to see CULTURE influencing RAP.  I want to see a HIP HOP movement.  Until we can get there, I will use this blog as a platform for music that places more emphasis on a culture that follows that “beat”:  the culture of HIP HOP!


3 Responses to a beezhun for hip hop

  1. Cinnaynay says:

    gYeaaahhhhh DJ Choice ;P HAHAAHA you’re freaking hilarious. I love it, dude. Educate us.

  2. fredL says:

    yeaeeee boy. thanks for putting up music! i’m trying to start up writing again. yeaeyeeee.

  3. B I G says:


    Great blog, man. Hip Hop needs more people like you.

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