auto tune the news

July 20, 2009

A few posts ago I shared a youtube video of B.O.B jabbing fun at auto-tune.  I was surpirsed to hear his song in The Lost and Damned downloadable Grand Theft Auto IV episode (turn to Beat 102.7).

But now a whole new level of satire has been applied to the ever-abused vocal plug-in:  auto-tune the news.

#6:  Michael Jackson, drugs, Palin

#5:  Lettuce regulation, American blessings

#4:  Spa regulation, Serbians, Sotomayor

#3:  Cuba, Afghan friendship, 2-party woes

#2:  Pirates, drugs, gay marriage

#1:  March Madness, economic woes, pentagon

I love em all.  Great stuff.