iTunes hip hop indie spotlight

April 15, 2009

So I’ve been complaining about how this first quarter has been a disappointment for hip hop…but I am quite pleasantly surprised by the picks that iTunes made for its “indie spotlight” for the hip hop genre.

What I’ve been spinning a lot is this German producer combo called JR&PH7.  These guys are pretty sick…no flashy rap but soulful and eclectic. Lots of great talent presented and there are some solid underground mcees on it.

JR&PH7 – The Standard

Also check out Mr. Lif.  Solid mcee from Boston.

Mr. Lif – I Heard It Today

And check out Blame One’s new album.  I think it was mostly produced by Exile who did some crazy stuff with Blu.

Blame One – Days Chasing Days

Check these albums out…some great finds via iTunes (who would have thought).