Viva La Hova

December 4, 2008

So I’m sure you may have heard this before since it’s been out for 2 months, but I’m really enjoying the mashup of Coldplay and Jay-Z.  Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are redic mash / mixtape fiends, and this is some quality work.  It ain’t just mixing a Jay-Z verse over looped samples; rather it is a great understanding of both genres.  Some the tracks are just sick…on The Reverse Fix, Mick Boogie clearly uses an old school 808 / Beastie Boys beat that you wouldn’t think would work with Coldplay’s Fix You.

What I admire most about this mashup is that Terry Urban and Mick Boogie actually got the blessings from both Jay and Coldplay.  PLUS if you visit Mick Boogie’s blog for Viva, he WANTS you to download for no charge:  I think one of his tracks actually got on the deluxe or whateva new version of Coldplay’s latest album on iTunes.

So if you haven’t downloaded this yet, please give it a shot.  The album sorta flows like a mixtape (lots of blends into each track), but if you want to hear something different, check it out: